Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mileage Reimbursement for Mobile Employees

Every company has their own policies, salary rates for each position and benefits for their employees. I’ve been to around 5 companies before I finally settled down with being a work-at-home Mom. My last job took me more than a year to get permission to leave. I don’t want to leave without blessing from my kind employer whom I’ve served for 16 years in two of his companies. I’ve been with his Consultancy and Telecommunications Company and the latter gave me so much work experience because I’ve done multi-tasking jobs.

As supervisor of the Accounting Department I’ve been in charge of the employees’ sales incentive, communication allowances and Mileage reimbursement for our employees whose work includes traveling and client visits. These are mainly our marketing staff and account managers who frequently visit our clients and perform demos of our products. They were given reimbursements for the mileage consumed during their client visits. Our company deemed it less expensive if they give reimbursement to employees who use their own vehicle in product demo, testing and other activities pertaining to getting and closing a contract with our clients. As I was the one who checks and audits employees’ reimbursement I know that it’s hard to do it if I’m going to check reimbursement of many employees.

Well enough creating a good database for mileage reimbursement is the perfect way of ensuring accurate computations and that’s where Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. (CRS) comes in because they provide customized programs for employees who travels and use their car for official company business. They actually offer consultancy job on companies who needs their programs which will make things easy and affordable for the companies. With this program the company saves a lot on their costs because they don’t have to issue cars to employees, they just have to reimburse the mileage consumption of their employees. It’s also beneficial to both employer and employees.

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