Saturday, March 12, 2011

Antique Treasure Box

Do you have precious jewelries passed on to you by your Mom from her passed generations? Well we had few and I like to keep those antique jewelries and old coins in precious treasure box also to create a harmonius relationship of the box and jewelries.  Guess I'm being sentimental sometimes that I long for antique items we had in my Mom's provincial hometown.  We left some of our things there when we moved to my father's hometown.  

Just as I was being sentimental over things I found these antique swirl tiny treasure boxes at etsy at CreativeFashionista's place.  It will be just nice for my old coins, few jewelries and minute things.  I love the carved design on it and the rustic hinges and latch which defines its unique and time-old look.

Sells at USD5.50


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