Saturday, September 24, 2011

Working at Home

Working at home seems to be hard sometimes as some house chores should be done first before you can work. Few times when you’re ready to work you can’t start because there are things that need immediate attention or sometimes you feel lazy when it’s not due yet. Well these are some disadvantages but still it’s the best work for me. I hope that my online works will pick up in the next few weeks so I can save more for our camp meeting fellowship in Baguio.

Anyway I’ve planned to arrange our water line system and contemplating on what kind of hose would stay the same for long period of time. I saw many types like metal hose, rubber hose and many others but I think I’ll leave the choice to my brother who knows a lot about those things. When it comes to design, construction and renovation I leave most of the things to him.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Having Energy While Slimming

When you’re past the age of 30 your metabolism slows down and it’s harder to maintain your ideal weight if you don’t practice a healthy low-fat low-calorie diet. For women there are many factors that contribute to gaining pounds especially if they’re married and had babies until after 30 years old because their metabolism will not catch up with the needed requirements. Few are lucky that even they had babies they still maintain their good form and shape. Anyway majority was affected and they’re trying everything they know that would give them back their previous shape and fitness.

Everyone wants to be slim, fit and healthy but it’s a one-day achievement program that we’re talking instead we’re going to achieve our goal not on few days or weeks but it would take several months of exercise, menu planning and a lot of discipline to achieve the best results. For those who want to get fast results they can try some weight loss diet pills like Slim9 to help them lose weight, improve their metabolism and have the needed stamina to do workouts and exercises. Some diet pills may not be apt for certain people because of the content but this one contains extracts from powerful herbal that will help in losing weight while having good supplements. You’ll not be worried that you’ll get weak while you’re slimming because it offers beneficial ingredients.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happiness of Anticipating Babies

I’m receiving and hearing many baby announcements these days and when you talk about having baby it’s a happy moment for the whole family. My friends in office and online world are younger than me and most of them are just starting to build a family and as such they’re also on the stage of having babies. Well I’m really glad for them because I know how exciting it is to anticipate the baby in the womb.

Family members would guess the gender and from whom the baby would get its looks and features. It’s also a big task of coming up with the best name possible for the baby where you also have to come up with names for baby girl or baby boy. I have three kids now and when I remember those times that I had them in my womb and when I delivered them it was all happiness and fulfilment.


Working in High-Rise Building

I’m always in awe of the buildings near my own office buildings because they all seems so tall and beautiful just like other buildings in other countries and steel buildings in canada. It’s my first time to work on the 32nd floor and at first I was hesitant to accept the job offered to me because of the place that the company is located. The place is beautiful with nice fountains on the front and restaurants are over the place. Although the building is not new it’s well kept by the staff and the amenities are good and accessible to the things that we need. 

It’s my fear of heights that makes it hard for me to decide at first but I’m glad that in time I accepted the job. Now I got accustomed to it and slowly my fear lessened and I pray to God to protect and keep me from harm when I’m inside the building. I really think that God help me to overcome my fear because it’s the only hindrance that keep me away from the good job that’s been given to me as a blessing from God. I know that if the work is really meant for me God will make a way so all obstacles and difficulties will be solved.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Warehouse Safety Tips

Most big companies have warehouses where they stock their supplies, assemble products for delivery, accepts delivery of parts or components from suppliers and more. The warehouse is a very busy place filled with giant machines, forklifts, and heavy equipments, making it a very dangerous place to work in.

But businesses need warehouse as it plays a key role in the business supply chain so it is essential to the success of any business. So aside from the profit, business owner must also put in their priority the warehouse safety to make sure that their employees are not subjected to any type of danger and hazard. Employers must make sure that they implementwarehouse safetyprocedures to protect their employees from any work related accidents.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), an agency under the United States Department of Labor, have been created by congress after the enactment of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 to make sure that companies provide their employees with a work place that is safe and is free from any hazards. The OSHA conducts inspection of warehouses to check for any violations and will impose fine if they find out that the companies are not complying with their standards.

It is a real headache if companies have to deal with fines imposed by OSHA in case of violation and worse, to deal with lawsuits from their workers in case accidents happen. That is why warehouse safety should always be at the top priority of any business.

Here are some tips to improve the safety of your warehouse:

1. Warehouse manager play a big part in ensuring the safety of the workers in the warehouse. To help him perform his duty well and to be equipped with the needed information to keep the warehouse safe at all times, employers can send their warehouse managers to take Click Safety’s OSHA 30-hour online course. This is a comprehensive online course, which tackles in detail safety codes, OSHA warehouse safety requirements, materials handling and more which will help warehouse managers to master the safety precautions for an accident free warehouse.
2. Care must be given when using equipment in the warehouse like the forklift. Forklifts are one of the most common causes of accidents in a warehouse. To avoid such, employers must make sure that forklift operators are trained and certified and they must always make sure to operate at a speed of not more than 5 mph.
3. Hazard tags and material safety data sheet should be posted in the warehouse and it is the job of the employees to learn it by heart. Workers must also be trained to handle these hazardous chemicals and that spill kit should always be available to clean up chemical spills right away.
4. All employees must also be provided with personal safety equipment and they must be trained on how to use them.
5. Electrical wiring should also be checked and ground fault electrical shock should also be installed as part of the mandate of OSHA.
6. All defective equipment should be locked out or properly tagged so workers will not attempt to use them, which can lead to serious accidents and injuries.
7. The warehouse should have enough emergency exits and all of this should be properly labeled so workers can evacuate with no problem in case need arises to evacuate.

This are just some of the tips that warehouse owner can implement to prevent any accidents from happening. More than the money, employers must always ensure that proper warehouse safety procedure is being observed to ensure the safety of their employees while at the same time avoiding fines and lawsuits because of the violation.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Convenient Working Place

I’m very satisfied with the place I’m working because it’s close to all amenities and offices that we need. The building where we rented an office space has a floor that caters primarily to the needs of the employees working in the same building. The floor is the place where you can choose from among restaurants that serve just like in the food court on the mall. They have varied specialities and promo packages where you can have a complete meal, snacks or desserts in one complete meal.

They also have pop displays of some products like accessories, office supplies, bags, shoes and almost all the things that a working employee would need. To complete the floor’s amenities are the stores of gadgets and companies that offers landline and mobile packages. It’s really a one-stop one-shop place for all of us and not just shop but for printing, photocopying and notarial needs as well. I just realized how convenient my working place is.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

High Quality Laser Stencils

Even if I’m now busy with my work in the office I still have time to dedicate to my sites and still doing some work-at-home jobs on weekends and holidays. I also set at least one or two nights on weekdays to finish tasks on due dates. I’m happy that I can still do my online works despite the busy schedule as I can’t afford to give up blogging for my office work. Blogging has given my life a different path and I don’t want to leave it no matter how busy I am right now. 

Anyway since I’m always online I was able to learn the most advanced innovation in stencils now far apart from old technology several years ago. SMT Stencils are one of the highest quality laser stencils from Fine Line Stencil and just perfect for high volume screen printing on printed circuit boards. I actually asked hubby about this one because they’re always using printed circuit boards on their activities. It really amazed me that this technology has gone through a lot to finally reach the point that everything would be in the highest quality and modern innovations.


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