Saturday, February 6, 2010

Protection from Harmful Bacteria

I’m so relieved that I’m finally finished with all the house chores I planned to give ample time this weekend. I’ve thoroughly cleaned everything and arrange some appliances but I didn’t change any of the previous arrangement as I find it neat enough. During my so-called general cleaning I never forgot to put some disinfectant to certain areas that’s prone to bacteria especially the kitchen and bathrooms. It’s very important to disinfect to ensure my kids’ protection from harmful bacteria. I want to keep them healthy and safe from everything Gen arrived from hospital where she visited one of her best friends in school and I told her to disinfect herself by cleaning her hands with soap and water. She also rubbed alcohol so she can kiss and play with baby Iya later.


Tips on Beating Insomnia: The Breathing Method

Yes you can beat insomnia without drugs or complex behavior modifications. How?

No we're not going to count sheep here like the good old story that counting sheep is a good way to fall asleep. Instead we're going to count our breaths to help ourselves drift away into blissful rest. Did you know that the most common causes of insomnia is a mind that's too active on bedtime. We lay down but our mind still thinks about our day's problems, events, plans, worries, tasks and just about anything that we encounter the whole day.

Now we can get control of our mind by telling ourselves that we will not think of nothing else but the breaths going in and out of our body. Count our breaths up to four times and start again. Count 1 inhale and 1 exhale as one complete breath. After completing 4 breaths start over at one again. Just think of nothing but the counting. It will be difficult at first but the results are just amazing if we really focus on counting. I bet we will not get through more than four cycles before we drift off to sleep.

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Multi-tasking Household Chores

I planned on having some general cleaning today as all my kids are here and I can accept some suggestions when I want to rearrange some appliances. I don’t want to spend the whole day in front of my PC because I feel that I should really be making some new arrangement for fresher look. At the end of it all I didn’t made any change in the present order of our things because we think that it’s good enough except that we really need new cabinet style entertainment centers to place our tv set, DVD and components so we’ll have all those in one place only. I succeeded in doing general cleaning of the living room, kitchen and bathrooms. I did that while our clothes are spinning in our washer and while I’m cooking our food, I was happy that I was able to do multi-tasking again and I love it!


Tips on Making Your Own Laundry Soap

Just like to share some of my reads these past few weeks, I have 3 books that I'm currently reading which covers many things from self-improvement, some secrets and tips and handling your life and job. I'm hooked to these books when I'm offline and it gives me some inspirations also.

This time I'm sharing some tips and ways on how to make your own laundry soap.

This formula uses lye. Always handle with care. For any lye mixture use enamel, porcelain or glass containers. Ingredients include the following:

5 pounds of fat,
1 can of lye,
6 quarts soft water
1/2 cup borax

1/2 cup ammonia

Procedure: Mix in large suitable enamel ware kettle. Let stand for 5 days, stirring several times a day. (After the fourth day, it will be quite thick) On the sixth day, place on stove and heat slowly, stirring wel several times until it becomes the consistency of honey. Let cool before pouring into mould.

For a mould, you will need a box about 1 1/2 inches deep lined first with aluminum foil and then with a towel wrung out in cold water. As soon as it is firm enough, cut into bars. Then let it stand until cold. To use, cut into small pieces and add to washer in place of powdered detergent.

Now you have your own laundry soap, easy but it does take longer than I expected it to be huh! Well some things can't be achieved so quickly, sometimes we need patience right? Hope this tips and easy seminar about making laundry soap will help those who want to do something in their free time. I'm going to do it also! Well if I have free time of course!

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