Saturday, September 10, 2011

Convenient Working Place

I’m very satisfied with the place I’m working because it’s close to all amenities and offices that we need. The building where we rented an office space has a floor that caters primarily to the needs of the employees working in the same building. The floor is the place where you can choose from among restaurants that serve just like in the food court on the mall. They have varied specialities and promo packages where you can have a complete meal, snacks or desserts in one complete meal.

They also have pop displays of some products like accessories, office supplies, bags, shoes and almost all the things that a working employee would need. To complete the floor’s amenities are the stores of gadgets and companies that offers landline and mobile packages. It’s really a one-stop one-shop place for all of us and not just shop but for printing, photocopying and notarial needs as well. I just realized how convenient my working place is.


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