Monday, August 6, 2012

Into Electronics and Automotive

DH is on his second year in Education course but he’s also practicing what he learned for his 2-year course in Associate Electronics. Now he’s also into learning automotive but not on a regular course but through practice. Every time our car has trouble and need emergency check up and repair he would check if he can make it by himself. Now when the trouble needs a major repair he’ll call for the experts. 

When our mechanic works on our car he’s also there to assist and at the same time he learns from it. He’s also in to collecting some tools like aluminum angle, various sizes of adjustable wrench and other car mechanic items so I’m thinking of giving him a toolbox with nice tools for electronics and automotive on his next birthday. I’m sure he’ll love and treasure it.


Natural Ergonomic Keyboard

My office keyboard suddenly died on me just when I have plenty of documents to do.  Actually I don't want to replace this one as I'm very comfortable with it.  Well some things never last and that includes computers and computer accessories.  So now I have to drop by the mall to buy myself a new keyboard.  Anyway I don't want to search for keyboard there so I browsed online for the one that I want to buy so I will not consume too much time.

Since my usage for keyboard is a bit maximum I planned to buy ergonomic keyboard for ease of use and comfort.  I saw one at cdr king which costs PhP480.  This ergonomic keyboard allows your wrists and hands to be held in more comfortable position which is just perfect for people like me who uses keyboard for 8 hours.  Other features include 5-key extended keyboard layout with  hot keys, button-touch access to the internet and measures at 19.25" x 10.75" x 2" greatest width/length.


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