Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some Changes in Life

Now that I’m not a full time work-at-home Mom I see to it that I finish my online tasks ahead of my due dates because my time is not flexible anymore. I have to be very discipline with my working schedule at home because I might miss some work if I didn’t have a detailed schedule. Sometimes I miss the days that I can sleep in the afternoon for the siesta or catch up on my sleep on mornings if I stayed up until dawn. Well I love my offline work now and I’m thankful for the opportunity that God has given me to earn more for my family. 

I just can’t help remembering how my world goes around my kids, husband, the whole family and my blogging.I almost stayed as WAHM for nearly two years until an office friend offered me a job. My present work has given me new challenges and new career just like my friend abroad who has just enrolled in Anitoch beauty school because she wanted something new in her life. She has a simple and good life but she’s not used to staying at home only so she decided to study again for a change.

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Life Insurance Benefits

This morning I accompanied my youngest son in a barber shop just few steps away from our house. When I sit there I borrowed one of the local newspapers and I opened the page in which the social security system is calling for all the beneficiaries of their dead loved ones. They are required to visit the local offices to get their financial benefits. I was thinking while I was doing some research work in front of my computer how important  term life insurance is to the lives of our loved ones. We know that money is not enough to replace our love and care we have for them but it’s also important that you will not just leave this world without anything left to them.


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