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Dollhouse Miniature Kitchen

Dollhouse  Miniature Kitchen baking hutch

Are your little girls fond of playing dolls and dollhouse? Well look at this one? It caught my fancy when I browsed upon this page. Well my girls are growing up fast now and maybe they would not want to play with it anymore but they want this for keepsake only and for display in their room. Well I've read that it's actually for adults and not for children under 12 yrs.

I saw this at and it costs USD10.00. Here's a descriptive caption of this miniature kitchen from the maker itself:

It shows a work-in-progress baking scene -- with cookie cutters, rolling pin, flour and sugar in process. On the shelves are bowls, a jar of jam and some cookbooks. All of the items are fixed in place. This item is for the hutch only and the other furniture is for display inspirations only.

For more of this kind you can visit


Many Kinds of Scanner

Sometimes I noticed that the price underneath the item in some supermarkets have different price barcode scanner. In a nearby supermarket there’s one in the middle of the store so you don’t have to have it scanned by the cashier.

Well the kids love it and often they would really scan the items just to see the red thin light that scans the barcode. I told them that when they work in an office there would be many kinds of scanner also like finger scan, id scan and many more depending on what the company needs for the time record of the employees.


Crops are Recovering Now

I’m glad that every day rain always comes because it will greatly help the farmers in their crops. Before the rain some lands in country has dried up and crops died. I didn’t read any insurance for crops in insurance blog I browsed just now. It was a major loss for farmers and for the country too because agricultural crops like rice decreased harvest due to drought brought about by too much heat.

Well I think we’ve passed that bad condition now that rainy season has arrived. Our garden plants and flowers are blooming beautifully now. I just hope that electric bills will decrease this month because there will be lesser need for cooling appliances.


:TC - Family

"FAMILY" (Moms, Dads, Kids, Relatives, People, Animals, Vacations, Weddings,...)

For my entry this week I've posted here our family picture together when we're in Villa Dominga Forest Resort during one of our church camp meeting fellowship. We've been using and renting the villa since year 2008 and when I browsed back our family picture I noticed that my kids have grown up so fast since we've started in the villa. Well that's just for my two girls as my little boy is still my little one.

For more 'family' themed photos click the title badge.


Better Workouts and Muscular Growth

Keeping your body healthy, fit and strong takes a lot of effort, time and discipline. I go for exercise and a well balanced diet which when blended well will give you a good result of having a fit and healthy body. I’ve started taking this thing seriously few weeks ago when I feel so overweight and losing control over eating sweets. I decided to turn away from it and started to have a semi-cleansing diet which cleanses my body by washing away bad toxins. Now all I have to concentrate is the time that I will spend on exercise because busy schedule limits my time on it. I’m still working on it and thinking about gym. I remember my male colleague turned to workout exercise when he felt he’s overweight and badly need to slim down. He can’t survive on cleansing diet so instead he enrolled in a gym workout program to help him convert his heavy-built body into a muscled one.

On his journey to changing his built from a fat overweight to a muscled toned body he was advised by his workout buddy to take supplement like BSN Nitrix, a vaso-muscular dilator which improves blood flow and dilates the body’s blood vessels. This is a non-hormonal supplement that will help those working out in gyms to develop muscles fast and aid them better in their workout exercises. This is a great help to boost energy and perform well in building muscles without being prone to over fatigue and tiredness. Great for my friend who want to really make his body trim, fit and healthy.


Are You Sunny, Cloudy, or Stormy?

You Are Sunny

You are an upbeat, positive person who refuses to get too down in the dumps.

You realize that life is short, and you know you're going to try to have as much fun as possible!

You try to laugh, play, and love every day. You believe that happiness is a choice.
You take your responsibilities seriously, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself in the process.

I really believe that you have happiness in your life if you really aim for it, well it depends on your priorities. If you prefer to be a millionaire and forget happiness if it blocks your way then it's your choice. If your life surrounds God and make Him the center of it you'll be happy and sunny! Now that's my choice that's why I'm sunny!


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