Friday, December 6, 2013

Smoking Shelter Solutions

There are things that we should be aware when we’re outside our homes in order to ensure safety and protection from bad elements and environment. Several years back people are only concerned about our exposure to pollution in air and water as it causes respiratory diseases that may further elevate to more harmful form of sickness. 

Now we become aware not just in air pollution but of the things we should do to avoid adding harm to our environment like recycling used items, using paper instead of plastic in packaging, avoiding the use of air fresheners to protect ozone layer and many other things that will protect the natural elements of earth. 

Smoking is also one form of harming not just our body but of the environment as well. Studies and researches show that it could greatly affect the body of non-smoker just by being near a smoking individual. Yes it’s been proven to cause respiratory diseases to people who smells or inhales the smoke coming from a cigarette smoker. It is advised that one should stay away from such situation in case it occurs. 

Well installing smoking shelters would separate smokers from others and will give a comfortable place for them as well. Having such place for smokers will definitely help in decreasing sickness caused by negligence of people who couldn’t stop their vices. There are various types of shelters offered by Shelter Store and each has provision for different needs and requirements of building or establishment. 

It is best for places like hospitals, offices, commercial centers, restaurants and public places that are often frequented by many people. The smoking shelter is usually made of steel, polycarbonate windows and steel roof. Some have bench seats and provides a place for someone in wheel chair. Among the types of smoking shelters are open fronted, four sided, small wall canopy, large wall mounted, executive shelter and a lot more options to meet specific requirements.


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