Friday, August 13, 2010

Are You the Suburbs or the City?

You Are the Suburbs

You've got a bad rap, but you think people are just jealous of how good you've got it.
You prefer to live somewhere that's clean, safe, and cheap. What could be wrong with that? You're not going to apologize for liking chain restaurants and good schools.

While you may not be as sophisticated as the city, you're content with your life. Plus, there's more to do in the suburbs than people think.
Besides, you can visit the city anytime you'd like. And when your fun in town is done, you have a comfy suburban house to come home to.

This question got me thinking too about myself.  I've experienced living in the province when iI was a kid, a real province like a place near the rice fields and less than an hour travel to mountain and everything. Now I live in a suburbs but so near the city so it makes me a very lucky person.  The city is just 15 minutes away and I can go there anytime I want but enjoy coming home to a safer, more comfortable home to live at.  As for the community as long as there are good schools and accessible restaurants, grocery, drug store, market and park it's perfect


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