Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Online Security for My Kids

Now that I’m not a full time work at home Mom I’ve been making plans on how I can control my kids’ usage of the computer and the net. DH is monitoring them at home since he’s on a school vacation also but I’m finding some ways on how I can monitor all their daily usage of the net. They’re still young and I don’t want them to be exposed to adult sites. Sometimes when we’re surfing for sites we accidentally encounter sites that are not good for viewing especially for kids below the age of 18 and I don’t want that to happen to my kids. Besides some sites could also be a threat to the security of our computers as few of them carries viruses that might bring to destruction of our stored files.

I’ve been searching for a service that would give me assurance of Content Security and solutions to my specific requirements of online security and monitoring. I want optimum protection not just for the computer but for my kids’ exposure to bad sites as well. I want to feel assured that even if I’m not at home physically monitoring my kids I can filter out adult and inappropriate content and monitor activities on their social networking membership. I also want to protect them from the widespread cyber bullying that will give them bad experience of people that will give them headache. 

Well there are sites that I’m considering to take and I’m taking all advantages and benefits before taking any of them. With all the requirements I need to satisfy I should ensure that I get all of my needs within a single package of security and protection. I heard of parental control software that will monitor kids’ internet activity 24/7 and I think that would be fine as it will give me a view of what they’re doing in the internet and to limit their internet schedule and online time. With this kind of security I can work in my office with peace of mind that my precious kids will not get into any trouble and will not be exposed to bad elements online.


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