Thursday, April 15, 2010

Visit to ATV Site

Josh sometimes watches me when I’m visiting blogs and when I’m making my posts. When I visited atv magazine online site he enjoyed the scenes he saw there with different racing cars. Actually it’s my first time there also and I must say I enjoyed the visit because I love cars also. Anyway since its past midnight already and I’m the only one awake now I should be finishing my task so I could have some decent sleep. I promised myself not to overdo things and here I am again doing some blogging overnight. I’ll be scolded by my Mom is she sees me now lol!


:TC -Green: Bumbling Boulders

This is one of my little boy's favorite ride in Enchanted Kingdom which is known as the Bumbling Boulders. There are different colors of boulders such as Green, yellow, orange, violet and blue. green. The rider will choose one color and join three other kids inside the chosen boulder color. Then all boulders will rotate on its own and around the center. To tell you frankly I felt dizzy after I made a video of Josh lol!

Visit my green spider grass entry here! For more 'green themed photos click the title badge!


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