Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Computer Mini Vacuum

It’s always our problem to get rid of dust because it seeps through our computer and its accessories.  We have protection covers but when the kids use it for long period of time they don’t regularly cover it as they have to wait for it to cool off.  If they’ve finished at night it’s only in the morning that they will secure the computer from dirt and dust and cover it.  

Well during those period that computers don’t have covers it usually accumulate dust and to clean it I’ve found a computer mini vacuum which will certainly give solutions to cleaning the dust off the computer and its accessories.

It’s available in CDR King and has the following features:

-  USB Input
-  No other power supply needed
-  Easy to use
-  Special cleaning attachments patented for cleaning between keyboard keys
-  Can vacuum hard to reach areas in the keyboard

Sells at PhP100.00 only.


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