Monday, July 9, 2012

Change in Preferences

Sometimes young kids changes preference a little too fast. The other day my little boy is crying over his requested drum set which is too expensive for him. He wanted a complete set of drums like the ones used in concerts and major shows. He thought that it would only cost me a few hundreds and never imagined it costs several thousands. He asked why I would say yes easily to my daughter’s guitar request and say only maybe to drum set. I was actually laughing inside that my little boy is just too young to understand that his favorite instrument is not practical to buy for just a starter in playing drums. 

Now when I told him that I would buy the church old drum set he whispered to me that he preferred a guitar also just like his sisters. I was surprised by the sudden change but thought that maybe in his young mind his wants are not that final and changes are always expected. I wouldn’t be so surprised now if he told me that he wants breedlove ad25/sr plus even without knowing it fully. Oh well no matter what I’ll always be supportive to his dreams and favourites in his journey through life.


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