Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happiness of Anticipating Babies

I’m receiving and hearing many baby announcements these days and when you talk about having baby it’s a happy moment for the whole family. My friends in office and online world are younger than me and most of them are just starting to build a family and as such they’re also on the stage of having babies. Well I’m really glad for them because I know how exciting it is to anticipate the baby in the womb.

Family members would guess the gender and from whom the baby would get its looks and features. It’s also a big task of coming up with the best name possible for the baby where you also have to come up with names for baby girl or baby boy. I have three kids now and when I remember those times that I had them in my womb and when I delivered them it was all happiness and fulfilment.


Working in High-Rise Building

I’m always in awe of the buildings near my own office buildings because they all seems so tall and beautiful just like other buildings in other countries and steel buildings in canada. It’s my first time to work on the 32nd floor and at first I was hesitant to accept the job offered to me because of the place that the company is located. The place is beautiful with nice fountains on the front and restaurants are over the place. Although the building is not new it’s well kept by the staff and the amenities are good and accessible to the things that we need. 

It’s my fear of heights that makes it hard for me to decide at first but I’m glad that in time I accepted the job. Now I got accustomed to it and slowly my fear lessened and I pray to God to protect and keep me from harm when I’m inside the building. I really think that God help me to overcome my fear because it’s the only hindrance that keep me away from the good job that’s been given to me as a blessing from God. I know that if the work is really meant for me God will make a way so all obstacles and difficulties will be solved.


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