Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lower Prices of Gadgets in their Country

On my SIL’s visit here last month we talked a lot about gadgets and technology here and in England and how they enjoy fast internet there. She asked about the prices of laptops and tablets here and was surprised at the expensive prices I told her. It’s very evident that they have better pricing on their gadgets and she told me that she’ll just buy my digicam with large zoom capabilities there because the price is way below compared here. 

It gave me so much excitement to save money for the camera that I’ve been raving about plus the laptop I want for dear husband. I actually didn’t know one of the brands she talked about but it seems like it’s one of the best in their country so I agreed that if it has the features we need it will be perfect for buying. It made me think that first world countries really has most of the advantages not only in basic necessities but on other good things in life as well. 

Anyway SIL and her kids enjoyed their month-long vacation and wished that they’ll be here again next year. As we were chatting in the new terrace with the best selection garage floor tiles her kids were telling us that they don’t want to leave yet. They’re telling their cousins that they enjoyed talking to them even with slight communication barrier and even stayed up until dawn to get the most out of their remaining time. 

The next day when they left the house to go to the airport we all felt sad when we saw the look on their faces that they’re not yet ready to return to their home at the other side of the globe. I just wished that they will be able to come back next year.


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