Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lil Boy's Graduation Practice

My little boy had his last practice yesterday – their grand practice actually where parents are required to attend to be informed of how the ceremony should be. It’s also the giving out of programs, toga and other materials for graduation. This time they’re not going to wear their usual toga but a white long-sleeved polo with necktie, black shoes and black pants. To accentuate the clothes it will be worn with a yellow sash bearing St. Audrey’s logo.

The practice was a short one because they didn’t include the 2 songs and award ceremonies. We still didn’t know the awardees until they gave out the programs which you can find the list of all graduates and the honor roll. I was happy to see my little boy’s name again on the list and that completes his consistency since he’s in nursery. He got the second place and I’m glad that his close friend got the first place. Josh always surprise us with his studies that even if he can be so playful and talkative at times he still pass the school with flying colors. Good work ‘lil boy! I know my Mom has a lot to do with his good grades because she devotes her time guiding our ‘lil boy in studying. So I think it’s also Good work GrandMom!


Elegant Engagement Rings

Every woman would love to find one true love in her life and if she was lucky enough their love would end like a fairy tale that they would live happily ever after. But is there such a thing as true love? Of course there is but sometimes time is not on the right timing that’s why that one true love seems so far. Oh well the lucky ones who seems to have the right man for them including me of course should be thanking God that He has given enough blessings to them.

Well finding the right partner in life makes you dream about your future with him and in just months or years relationship can go further as planning a life together and that would mean giving engagement rings to seal the promise of engagement to each other. This is what women are as excited about as the ring signifies many things. It represents a formal agreement to a future marriage thus it’s a sign of commitment between the two. In the old classical times the 4th finger of our left hand was said to contain the ‘vena amoris’ or what they call as ‘vein of love’.

For whatever purpose engagement rings would have I still regard it as a pre-nuptial form of agreement for wedding. For girls it’s an exciting gift for them especially if they were given diamond engagement ring because it surpassed almost all kinds of ring with its quality and value. I would also love to have one but I want it to come from DH because for me the value of the ring not only lies on the true carat of the ring but of the keepsake or remembrance value. I want to remember everything we’ve gone through in all of our nearly 14 years together as husband and wife.

Well if you want to find trusted store for elegant engagement rings and other jewelries you can browse online at World Jewels and see their wide variety of unique and beautiful jewelries. With the wide selection available you’re sure to pick one that’s right for your loved one.


PH#205 : Three (McDonalds Gift Certificates)

These are 20-peso gift certificates worth of McDonalds goods given to my three kids as freebies. The kids love it even if it's not enough to buy their favorite food in McDonalds. They just love having these gift certificates and they will just add some money if the price of their purchase is higher.

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Wilderness Therapy - A Unique Approach

My daughter suddenly said aloud that time flies so fast. She’s behind me that time so I didn’t figured out why she said that. It’s unusual for Ruth to say such things when it finally dawned on me that they only have one week to finish classes before graduation. And maybe she’s dreading the time that she wouldn’t see her school friends in school. Dear daughter is feeling a little sad that her closest friends will study far from her school. Oh well that’s kinda lonely for me too when I graduated from high school and college.

Well think about the time that’s passing and when I looked back it’s already 8 months since I resigned and left my office employment. I remember the times when I’m not sure of my real final stay in the office as my boss keep on prolonging my months. It was a stressful period for me. At the same time that my employment is on a hanging level I was busy with almost every thing in my life; my Mom became blind and needed my full attention; there’s no one to look after my kids and my daughter is transferring to another school. The hardest of all is I don’t want my work anymore and the new procedures being implemented. I feel the room is closing down on me without an air to breathe. That’s how the stress affected me and what I needed right then was a time for myself to pray, think, plan and act.

Mothers are the most stressed person in the world although they have the power to convert stress to anything positive. Even if they’re tired they can erase the tiredness with just one compliment from her family about her cooking and caring. We should really have a ME time to replenish our lost energy and to revive the bubbling person inside ourselves. We should be able to pause and have time to walk without hurry, go shopping without a list of family’s errand, read a book quietly without interference and do anything that pleases our heart not anyone else at least for a certain time we have to think of ourselves.

Not only mothers like me experience things like these because even the young ones sometimes go through the same ordeal that adults are going through. I even read a magazine that tells a story of a teenager who is so depressed with her life because she was stressed out by the expectations of her parents. She even tried to kill herself because she's a failure. Situations like this should be approached by wilderness therapy which offers a different approach of providing outdoor education and therapy through their activities in the outdoors. With the help of dedicated professional therapists they will learn how to express themselves fully, communicate better with fellow teenagers and learn how to deal with their problems with controlled emotions and a positive approach without violence.

This system is quite new to me and I only learned it now but its uniqueness makes me delve further into Pacific Quest’s very unique approach to solving and treating such cases of teeners. With their proper guidance and therapy in dealing with the participants and using outdoor means like the organic farm I’m very positive that it should bring out positive results that will benefit all participants.


Persuading Other People

You Persuade People Through Emotion

You hate to admit it, but people make decisions with their hearts. Their heads don't play much role in the equation.
So even though you are cool headed, you know you have to be warm hearted in order to convince people you're right.

You craft your words carefully. You speak to inspire, motivate, and stir up emotions.
You know that once someone wants to be on your side, they'll figure out their own reasons for why.

How come most of what has been said above is really like the real me :-) I'm very careful with my words when I want to persuade someone but still I don't lie just to persuade. I just want the other party to see it my way that's why i choose my words very carefully. When it comes to speaking I really meant to inspire others and not just talk for nothing because I also want to motivate others to what I'm telling them to try or to do. Well with what I'm doing to them I know I can stir up emotions.


Gears for Your Little One

Babies are a welcome addition to family and with them comes countless joys of seeing them grow up slowly. As such you want to give them the best that you can afford to let them enjoy small pleasures and convenience in life. When you have new baby in your family you try to buy lots of gear for them starting from the first month to succeeding months of their growing up stage. We have two little baby girls here in our compound and they bring so much joy and happiness to us everyday. Sophia or Iya as we fondly call her is a bubbling baby girl of my niece who turned five this month and as early as now she likes to play and crawl in her crib until she sees someone she likes to go with and she’ll stare and laugh at the same time so she’ll be freed from her crib. She’s a very happy baby and she always smile at whoever called her especially when it’s me.

I’m so fond of her and she reminds me of my Gen when she’s still a baby. They have some similarity on skin, face and the chubby look. When Iya was just two months old her Mom and Dad used to bring her while she’s on her stroller. They use her pram to bring her to a park or when they’re in the mall so she’ll be safe lying on her pram/stroller. Now that my niece is currently living within our compound and Iya want to be in her crib most of the day they used her stroller when they go to a park in the early morning.

You really have to own these gears for the baby’s comfort and convenience but shopping for them can be tasking as you want to see all designs, sizes, brands and make before you make your purchase. If you do that you’ll have to walk in the mall to visit plenty of stores and compare. That’s the difference of online shopping because you don’t have to go out of your house to search, compare and buy all the good and nice things you want for your baby.

Shopwiki made it possible for shoppers to access thousands of stores you can visit so you can compare and get the best deals on your baby things’ requirements like the convertible high chairs that my niece found online. It’s a multi functional chair that converts from a highchair to a booster or toddler chair. It’s a perfect chair for growing babies especially that it has an eight height positions to suit the growing size of your kid. Shopwiki has all the things you may ever need for your baby and also for the whole family as they have stores available for electronics, computers, house, garden, toys, and clothing for the whole family, accessories and many more. Visit them now and start shopping comfortably.


Saturday 9: Just One Look

1. How vein are you about how you look? You mean vain? I'm not! I'm the simplest living human :-) It takes my younger sister to remind me to a little more conscious of how I look because I'm comfortable with the way I am.

2. When you were little what was your favorite TV show? I watch Sesame Street everyday when I'm not in school, I was in the primary school then

3. If someone was going to make a movie or TV show about your life, who would play you and why? Sandra Bullock, because it will be an action movie and Sandra is good at it like she did in Speed.

4. Who is your favorite Major League Baseball team? How about your favorite player? I play baseball when I was in college but I don't watch baseball teams now

5. What is your favorite baseball-related movie? Maybe 'A League Of Their Own

6. What is one lesson you have learned in the past year? Believe in yourself and if you have plans in your life pray for it, seek God's help and wait for His time and signs before you finally pursue your plans. If it's for you God will make things in accordance with your life, no ifs no buts only God's perfect will.

7. Tell us about one of your childhood memories. I have plenty of playmates but mostly siblings and cousins who live in the same compound as ours. The memorable ones were those spent in the province when I was 7 and below. I used to climb trees and play in the grassfield. Big bro and I used to ride in each side of the horse sitting on a basket made for us only by Uncle. It was a different childhood from what I experienced here in our place near the metropolis. I prefer the province.

8. How do you handle sticky situations? Do you have a method? If so, what is it? I pray, consult and follow what my mind and heart says

9. Do you think people talk about you behind your back? Maybe sometimes but I'm not guilty and I don't care. You can't please every body so I just let them, they will grow old fast than I am hahaha!


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