Saturday, March 20, 2010

Elegant Engagement Rings

Every woman would love to find one true love in her life and if she was lucky enough their love would end like a fairy tale that they would live happily ever after. But is there such a thing as true love? Of course there is but sometimes time is not on the right timing that’s why that one true love seems so far. Oh well the lucky ones who seems to have the right man for them including me of course should be thanking God that He has given enough blessings to them.

Well finding the right partner in life makes you dream about your future with him and in just months or years relationship can go further as planning a life together and that would mean giving engagement rings to seal the promise of engagement to each other. This is what women are as excited about as the ring signifies many things. It represents a formal agreement to a future marriage thus it’s a sign of commitment between the two. In the old classical times the 4th finger of our left hand was said to contain the ‘vena amoris’ or what they call as ‘vein of love’.

For whatever purpose engagement rings would have I still regard it as a pre-nuptial form of agreement for wedding. For girls it’s an exciting gift for them especially if they were given diamond engagement ring because it surpassed almost all kinds of ring with its quality and value. I would also love to have one but I want it to come from DH because for me the value of the ring not only lies on the true carat of the ring but of the keepsake or remembrance value. I want to remember everything we’ve gone through in all of our nearly 14 years together as husband and wife.

Well if you want to find trusted store for elegant engagement rings and other jewelries you can browse online at World Jewels and see their wide variety of unique and beautiful jewelries. With the wide selection available you’re sure to pick one that’s right for your loved one.


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