Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gears for Your Little One

Babies are a welcome addition to family and with them comes countless joys of seeing them grow up slowly. As such you want to give them the best that you can afford to let them enjoy small pleasures and convenience in life. When you have new baby in your family you try to buy lots of gear for them starting from the first month to succeeding months of their growing up stage. We have two little baby girls here in our compound and they bring so much joy and happiness to us everyday. Sophia or Iya as we fondly call her is a bubbling baby girl of my niece who turned five this month and as early as now she likes to play and crawl in her crib until she sees someone she likes to go with and she’ll stare and laugh at the same time so she’ll be freed from her crib. She’s a very happy baby and she always smile at whoever called her especially when it’s me.

I’m so fond of her and she reminds me of my Gen when she’s still a baby. They have some similarity on skin, face and the chubby look. When Iya was just two months old her Mom and Dad used to bring her while she’s on her stroller. They use her pram to bring her to a park or when they’re in the mall so she’ll be safe lying on her pram/stroller. Now that my niece is currently living within our compound and Iya want to be in her crib most of the day they used her stroller when they go to a park in the early morning.

You really have to own these gears for the baby’s comfort and convenience but shopping for them can be tasking as you want to see all designs, sizes, brands and make before you make your purchase. If you do that you’ll have to walk in the mall to visit plenty of stores and compare. That’s the difference of online shopping because you don’t have to go out of your house to search, compare and buy all the good and nice things you want for your baby.

Shopwiki made it possible for shoppers to access thousands of stores you can visit so you can compare and get the best deals on your baby things’ requirements like the convertible high chairs that my niece found online. It’s a multi functional chair that converts from a highchair to a booster or toddler chair. It’s a perfect chair for growing babies especially that it has an eight height positions to suit the growing size of your kid. Shopwiki has all the things you may ever need for your baby and also for the whole family as they have stores available for electronics, computers, house, garden, toys, and clothing for the whole family, accessories and many more. Visit them now and start shopping comfortably.


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