Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wilderness Therapy - A Unique Approach

My daughter suddenly said aloud that time flies so fast. She’s behind me that time so I didn’t figured out why she said that. It’s unusual for Ruth to say such things when it finally dawned on me that they only have one week to finish classes before graduation. And maybe she’s dreading the time that she wouldn’t see her school friends in school. Dear daughter is feeling a little sad that her closest friends will study far from her school. Oh well that’s kinda lonely for me too when I graduated from high school and college.

Well think about the time that’s passing and when I looked back it’s already 8 months since I resigned and left my office employment. I remember the times when I’m not sure of my real final stay in the office as my boss keep on prolonging my months. It was a stressful period for me. At the same time that my employment is on a hanging level I was busy with almost every thing in my life; my Mom became blind and needed my full attention; there’s no one to look after my kids and my daughter is transferring to another school. The hardest of all is I don’t want my work anymore and the new procedures being implemented. I feel the room is closing down on me without an air to breathe. That’s how the stress affected me and what I needed right then was a time for myself to pray, think, plan and act.

Mothers are the most stressed person in the world although they have the power to convert stress to anything positive. Even if they’re tired they can erase the tiredness with just one compliment from her family about her cooking and caring. We should really have a ME time to replenish our lost energy and to revive the bubbling person inside ourselves. We should be able to pause and have time to walk without hurry, go shopping without a list of family’s errand, read a book quietly without interference and do anything that pleases our heart not anyone else at least for a certain time we have to think of ourselves.

Not only mothers like me experience things like these because even the young ones sometimes go through the same ordeal that adults are going through. I even read a magazine that tells a story of a teenager who is so depressed with her life because she was stressed out by the expectations of her parents. She even tried to kill herself because she's a failure. Situations like this should be approached by wilderness therapy which offers a different approach of providing outdoor education and therapy through their activities in the outdoors. With the help of dedicated professional therapists they will learn how to express themselves fully, communicate better with fellow teenagers and learn how to deal with their problems with controlled emotions and a positive approach without violence.

This system is quite new to me and I only learned it now but its uniqueness makes me delve further into Pacific Quest’s very unique approach to solving and treating such cases of teeners. With their proper guidance and therapy in dealing with the participants and using outdoor means like the organic farm I’m very positive that it should bring out positive results that will benefit all participants.


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