Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spending Summer Vacation

Officially my kids’ summer vacation starts today as yesterday was my eldest’ graduation from primary school. Time flies so fast and now my little girl will soon be taller than me and I can say prettier too! I’m preparing her credentials and requirements for her enrollment in secondary education together with my youngest little boy who will enter first grade in primary school. Next school year will be a busy one for me as my three kids will be in three different schools because my other daughter is still in her old school to finish elementary this coming year. That would be super busy I suppose and I can’t imagine how I am going to do it if their schools call for a meeting on the same day.

Anyway I will just think of this summer season and enjoy the time with my kids the whole day. They’re having a good time playing board games now in our terrace and I’m thinking of putting up a patio umbrella in case they want to spend their playing time in the garden. Kids are always up to something different to do and I must ensure that they will not be exposed to so much heat.

Summer brings many fun activities and parents should be ready with outdoor and indoor activities for their kids instead of having them play internet games and watch television the whole day. I’m having some household training for my girls as they’re growing up so fast now they need to learn some basics in cooking and house cleaning. I don’t want them to be innocent with house chores so I teach and let them do the minor things. They’re always watching me when I cook so they easily follow what I do, they’re very interested too. This way they can easily entertain their friends and cousins in our backyard garden. They can just put a shade like Outdora’s market umbrellas and they can have fun even on a hot sunny afternoon. It’s also good even on rainy season. Fun activities will continue whether it’s hot summer or rainy season.

Outdora has a lot of outdoor patio umbrellas that can be useful on your outdoor activities at home or you can also put it up on your picnic outside your home. They have different products to satisfy your specific needs like this offset umbrella that’s perfect for shading your pool or your patio. Yes you can have a swimming party in your own house and your guests can be comfortable sitting under the shade of this umbrella. Spending your summer vacation is up to you as you have choices whether you want it faraway or be practical and spend most of it in the comfort of your own home.


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