Thursday, August 9, 2012

Learning Musical Instruments

My son’s school has their notes to all parents. I actually knew it because few days ago my little boy is asking me what kind of musical instruments will he be registering with. The note should be checked if you want your kid on a certain particular music teaching but no check if you will not choose any. It will be spent on a weekend so we decided not to enrol or register him for now because it would rob the kid of rest on his free day from school. 

Anyway we can buy him a small musical instrument so he can learn at home and not be deprived of learning. When time comes that he’s big enough I don’t mind buying him from one of the musical instruments I saw online. I like Josh to learn playing the armstrong winds so he’ll be different from his friends. Hope he’ll be able to cope up with his schedule then.


Your Favorite SuperHero in USB Card Reader

My son loves superhero characters especially Batman and he has some collections of his movies, toys and a lot more.  I saw him searching for tech gadgets and found this cute MicroSD USB card reader. He asked me where we can buy it and asked me if have paypal money to pay for it.

Well this MIMOMICRO card reader is really a must-have as it's transportable and you can share it with your friends not only for little boys but for some adults too, those that are young at heart :).  This one comes in a flip out USB port, a built-in keychain, LED light and the lovable design of Dark Knight.  Take a look at this:

Really's USD12.99 at mimoco


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