Saturday, November 20, 2010

Smart Thinking on Entering Investment

I’m glad I’m now accustomed to working at home despite the usual obstructions sometimes. Working at home has its disadvantages but they’re few compared to the advantages it brings to Moms like me. When you work at home you’re the boss and you’re the one who will make your own work period unlike when you’re in the office that you’ll have to follow the regular working hours. If there’s something that I missed when I’m still working outside it’s the lunch break where we will have our meals and have coffee while chatting. 

Anyway on my last few months of stay in the office I had lunch breaks mostly with my friend Win who is also a born again Christian and whom I had some sharing of God’s words and wonderful blessing on our lives. We shared everything from faith to work up to our hobby of cooking and selling business. We also talked about having small investments. I’m good in our company’s financial planning but he’s better when it comes to personal financial planning and I asked him if he’s interested to buy gold bullion if ever he’ll have funds to buy. He said he’ll study about the probability before he will decide to invest on that. Clever! Even I would do that first if I have the money to invest.


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