Friday, November 5, 2010

Buying Old Coins and Jewelries

Someone entered our compound and started shouting that he buys old coins, broken jewelry, gold coins and silver. It always amazed me when I was a child when I hear those words because I thought that they were really looking for gold bars. My young curious mind was thinking that if they buy gold they must be so rich to afford every gold sold to them in the neighbourhood or even bigger our community. As I grew up I learned what they really mean and they’re buying the old coin collection and some jewelries that you stopped using because it’s broken or you lost interest on it. 

Anyway ever since I first started to see and hear those men and women shouting those words I have never remembered anyone in our family and my relatives heeding those calls. They’re not interested because their price for the old coins and jewelries were so low that you can just ignore them and make your old coins and jewelries a collection only, who knows they might also increase in value.


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