Friday, November 26, 2010

Technology on a Budget

Technology seems to be advancing faster than I can keep up with it. It seems that every time I get something that I believe is the latest and greatest item, it really is something like 10 series behind what the current version is. With all the advancements in technology it can be hard to keep up with it and stay on budget. All the latest and greatest items cost hundreds of dollars and as a work at home mom I need to save every bit of money that I can.

Luckily, I have discovered a way to be able to imitate the latest technology without breaking the piggy bank. Here are some of the ways that I have received the latest technology without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

Internet Downloads. All of my friends and family members show me the latest backgrounds and ringtones that they have on their phone. A quick browse through my cell phone carrier's store showed that these range from .99 cents to $3 dollars. I found several dozen free ringtones that allowed me to have similar music to my friends and family but for a fraction of the cost!

Refurbished Phones. One of the most expensive aspects of being up on the latest technology is that of the phones. Phones can cost hundreds of dollars to purchase them new. I have purchased some of the latest phone styles at half the price by getting them refurbished or from resale. The only problem with refurbished phones is that they might not be covered under insurance policies or work as long as regular phones. However, if you change your phone out like I do you will be looking for a new phone in six months time anyways.

There is no reason a work at home mother can't keep up with the latest technology with these great tips.


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