Sunday, July 10, 2011

Relaxing Outdoors

We’re always having cold nights now that there’s rain every evening. Sometimes I missed those summer nights that you can stay late in the evening out in our backyard garden. Since the kids were on their summer vacation I can sleep late and prepare their food a little later in the morning. Staying outdoor with the family with or without barbecue party has always been a favorite relaxation for me and a great bonding for the whole family as well. We have our own traditional grill but I would love to have those nice outdoor firepit I saw in one of my client’s products.

Now that we can’t stay outdoors very often we just confine ourselves to our terrace which is partly covered by a roof and where we can enjoy the view of our garden. We used to stay there with Mom and Dad where there were pots of roses on one side. Those were memories and I’m glad that after all these years we still have the terrace and our garden even after the widening of the road in our place. We lost half of our front yard and garden three years ago but we managed to revive the other half to a new garden that we presently have.


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