Saturday, July 9, 2011

Value Engineering and Metal Expertise

I’ve worked in manufacturing company for 5 months and been exposed to a lot of high technology gadgets used in making transformers and some other components for PC. Since it’s related to my computer engineering course I was excited to land a job that would enhanced my skills and knowledge on electronics. I’ve enjoyed working there but I shifted to another job because I realized that it’s not stable and there’s no career improvement. As young as I was I wanted to learn more and explore some other jobs that I’ll be able to use what I learned from university. My first job made me realize that work enjoyment and career doesn’t always go together so I moved on to a completely different field of work.

I worked in different offices then and experienced working on various kinds of businesses until I landed on a consultancy and Telecommunications Company that made me stay for more than a decade. I guess that job gave me all of the knowledge, skills and work experiences that I need for all of my career life leading me to such expertise on many aspects of work in technical proposal, human resources, administrative management, finance and accounting, telecommunications, billing and collection and a lot more. The job also brought me knowledge varied fields of engineering such as construction, design, structural and some others. Since my employer is into contracting jobs then I was exposed to dealing with suppliers too.

What intrigued me most is the demand for metals on many aspects of work. We have several projects that needs the majority of metal and steel supplies and found the need to look for providers that can meet the specified requirements and high standards for optimum performance delivery like that of MetalTek which specializes in casting and metalworking processes. Since they have sole capabilities and metal expertise in heat, wear and corrosion-resistant products more companies rely on them for support, supplies and providence like what mackson nuclear has done. 

Mackson joins the MetalTek International family and will continue to be the leading supplier of nuclear safety materials with the help of metal casting resource from MetalTek. Like Mackson other companies in various industries rely on them for their need for metal expertise and whether their requirement is complex or simple, small or large MetalTek can serve you best. With their technical expertise, value added technologies, alloy options, market expertise and a lot more their client is assured of quality performance and optimum results.


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