Monday, July 25, 2011

Better Shape and Fit

Since I have disciplined myself lesser intake of rice on my meals and sweets on my snacks I felt better now. I learned that too much rice can affect the blood sugar and eating them excessively can cause excess pounds, diabetes and other sickness. Instead I replaced them with variants of fruits daily. I still look big but I feel fit and strong now. I know that if I’ll continue my good eating habit I’ll change in few more months. I just have to balance my meal plans with the right sleeping hours, exercise and maybe I should return to having sports like I used to.

I really want to be in shape again not just for looks but for health as well. When I want to play but can’t find one to play with me I keep on thinking about sports that you can play with computer as your opponent like chess, scrabble and lately I saw this newgy ping pong table where you can play ping pong without looking for other player. With this kind of sports anyone can play anywhere, anytime and even without the company of others. I’m amazed.


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