Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hospital Observations

I accompanied my Auntie last month in her ultra sound and took the chance to visit my friend’s father who had a shoot in his blood pressure. I was relieved it wasn’t a mild stroke. As we’re waiting for the radiologist in the waiting foyer my eyes wander at the busy hospital and linger on the instruments used there like their weighing scale, BP instruments, oximeter and many other gadgets used to determine pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature and weight. Nurses and caregivers test the patients before they even see the doctor.

These are commonly done in public hospitals where long lines were expected everyday and to make the process of checking up easier. Well if all these things were checked first all the doctor have to do is read the tests and readings and proceed with the checkup as fast as possible to accommodate all patients lined up for checkup and treatment. At least even if you’re tired lining up you don’t have to pay doctor’s fee and you’ll even get free medicines.


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