Saturday, April 24, 2010

Growing Up Fast and Tall

My nephew graduated from high school last March and he’s now entering college to take up the same course as his father. My brother is a practicing civil engineer and my nephew wanted to help him in managing their construction business. That’s how caring he is, he wanted to take some of the load of his dad in their business. Well I hope he’ll be able to do good in college because that’s his goal now. He’s the first grandchild in the family and I’m so fond of him since he’s a baby. I even took care of him when he’s a toddler when I was still single during my day offs. Until now he used to ask me to cook for him his favorite gelatin and leche flan desserts. He’s still a baby when it comes to his favorite foods.

Now he’s really grown up very tall just like his parents. My brother and SIL are both tall and their kids inherit it from them. What a nice thing to inherit, they’re lucky to have that in their blood. My nephew is still growing and most often his clothes would be too short for him especially his pants which always seems to run short of his legs. Often times he would complain that his pants suddenly not fitted for his height. Well how can you handle things like that if the pants shrink after many washings.

I was looking for a nice pair for him on his birthday and I chanced upon which offers cargo elastic waist pants which has a nice elasticized waistband and won’t shrink after many washings. This is perfect for him as he loves comfortable soft cotton clothes. It’s casual enough for his daily activities and will never worn out easily. If you have a need for men’s wear check out this site and you’ll see wide array of shirts, accessories, pants and more.


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