Friday, April 30, 2010

Healthy Ways on Getting Slimmer

As you grow older your metabolism decreases and slows down. When I was younger I could eat large amount of carbohydrate-rich foods without getting heavy and fat. I’m a sporty person and I think that helped too but the main thing that really helped me was my fast metabolism. Now after having three kids and being married for fourteen years I noticed that everything I eat added up to my weight. This is an alarming thought and I have to make a healthy balanced diet without fat, have some exercise and move as often as I can to at least prevent myself from being too fat.

I have tried many ways of losing some weight but I tried to do my dieting the healthy way as I don’t want to be slimmer but sickly. Anyway I heard about this hCG weight loss Spokane from a friend and noted to inquire about it. Now I’m trying to start a diet of fruits, veggies and fish only on lunch and dinner. I only eat meat and rice during breakfast which I can’t give up because I’m a morning person who gets strength on breakfast meals. I’m energetic when I have full breakfast and the succeeding meals are easy on me. I can eat whatever I want without craving for more. I discovered that fruits can cleanse your body system and it’s the best for removing bad toxins. I’m preparing myself for a real cleansing diet of raw foods and fruits only.

For now I’m reducing my intake of rice and meat. I’m actually quite successful about it and I’m enjoying it just like my friend is enjoying her hCG diet Spokane as she’s very excited at the results. Well I have yet to see her now but she’s living very far from us. She said she’ll talk about her weight loss Spokane when we meet next month after the summer season. She’s not fond of traveling in this very hot summer heat and she’s protecting herself from any sickness that may arise when she’s tired herself in visiting far away places. So I’ll wait for another month until I get to see this friend of mine.


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