Friday, April 30, 2010

Distinctive Look of Chefs

I’m fond of cooking and love to taste different dishes in different restaurants, and I get great satisfaction in guessing the ingredients in particular recipes I’m interested in. With my hobby of cooking I have a habit of observing professional chefs often when they come out of the kitchen, sometimes to speak personally to a customer. I am impressed with how professional they look when they are dressed in complete chef attire and I can imagine myself in the kitchen cooking when wearing chef apparel, and of course I would love to be in their shoes if I’m ever given a chance to study culinary arts someday. Anyway as a keen observer of the chefs I have noticed that some of them have the traditional chef apparel with those classic muffin hats that I remember since I was a kid.

I think chef apparel plays an important part in distinguishing the character and class of the restaurant. You can be trendy in your choice of hats, shirts, coats and chef pants and the quality of the uniforms will set your restaurant apart from others. If you wish to come up with style, fashion, and quality I suggest you look at the selection of iD by Landau apparel. You can create a professional and distinctive look for your restaurant chef and employees with the right combination of colors and uniform style.

I just browsed their website and saw the elegant black aprons that would suit an evening event well. iD by Landau provides a black tuxedo apron that will blend well with any elegant evening affair. I myself would love to have one of those stylish black aprons to wear when cooking a special meal for my friends. If you own a restaurant the menu isn't all that matters, it should be coupled with good looking staff and great service.


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