Saturday, July 24, 2010

Credible Investment from the Past

We dropped by the mall yesterday to get our free printer from our internet provider then we arrange for the repair of my cellular phone. I had my daughter’s mobile phone replaced with battery so I can use it while my own mobile is in repair. I noticed that the mall has many people looking at the stores, mall walking, eating and doing so many things but most never buy a thing. They just stroll there and pass the time away enjoying the cool temperature of the mall. What would I do if I have a booth there and customers were not coming in?

My brother ventured a business on the same mall and stopped after six months because the income can’t compensate for the high rental and expenses. The minimum contract is for six months. There are lots of choices for us to invest our money but we should be careful in entering any of them because sometimes the agents or companies put so much possibilities on earning without concrete leanings if it will earn or not. If we should invest our hard-earned money it should be on a safe investment, one that’s sure to appreciate values in years. You can buy silver bullion or any other precious metals like gold because these were credible investments from the past generations. Actually these ideas came from my granny when I was still a child. I keep hearing her telling these things to her friends.


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