Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

One of the most memorable moments of my life is my wedding because I’ve been blessed with a wonderful person by God. I know that my husband is God’s gift to me because He’s given me signs before that Ed is the right man for me. I used prayers and my heart when I decided to accept his love for me. I know from my heart that I could never love anyone as much as I love him so I agreed to marry him. We were blessed with three wonderful kids and after 13 years of marriage we’re still deeply in love with each other just like the first day we discovered we’re already in love. We were best friends for years before we realized that we’re meant to be more than that. All those 13 years were blissful even though we also experienced trials and pressures in life. We always thank God for every year that we had our anniversaries because He has been the center of our life on all those years.

During our carefree moments we try to remember the gifts that we gave each other on our yearly anniversary. When we came to our third wedding anniversary we were already blessed with two baby girls. We were so happy then and hubby gave me a card that filled my eyes with tears. He thanked me for giving him two little princesses that brought so much joy in his heart and for being his wife and friend. Wedding anniversary is special because it marks a milestone in a couple’s life. Every year that pass is an achievement that despite trials you’ve worked it all out with love, respect and trust. So if you take it as very special moment in your life celebrate it with special gifts for each other. If you’re looking for great ideas for anniversary gifts by year you can visit JustPaperRoses and enjoy the wide selection they have for your gift to your partner in life. I’ve already dropped by the site and bookmarked future gifts for my husband. So now I don’t have to worry about choosing the best gift for him as with the selections I’ve seen I will have one or two things to consider buying on our anniversary.


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