Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Glass Heart Ring Holder

I'm looking for some nice decors for the room when I saw this beautiful one-of-a-kind glass heart ring holder.  It was made by Rebecca Zhukov and posted for sale at  Wow! these ring stands will keep the ring falling off when you're doing something like washing dishes or taking a bath.  We sometimes just put it at the top of something in our kitchen, bathroom and bed stand.  Now you'll never lose it with these elegant glass heart ring holder available in variety of colors and designs.  I love lavender and purple so I choose to post my choices :-) 

This is not just for your own home decors but for gift ideas also.  Great for holiday and some other occasion  gifts! This heart is approx. 3 inches in diameter with a 2-3 inch stem and weighs about 1 lb.Custom engraving on the bottom of the heart is free if you would like me to add a personal sentiment on the piece itself.  This costs US$32.00 with a card and white box.


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