Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Money Earns While I Save

I’m glad that I joined a well-known company cooperative which forced me to save a certain amount every payday in which total savings will be given this December. It’s also earning few bucks from within members’ activities. This way I can allot them for my kids’ tuition fees this coming summer. Ah it’s nice to spend your money wisely and if I’m smarter with budgeting I can save some for investment like purchasing gold coin for future profits to come. I learned that it appreciate values over the years and when my calculating mind computes my would-be profit I can say it’s really big. Wish I can save enough to materialize my plans.

My Mom has been teaching me a lot about handling money properly. I asked her if she has magic powers on budgeting as I’ve seen her doing wonders on our finances when Dad got sick for years. She only smiled at me and muttered none. But I can say her magic is working on me now.


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