Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Old Folks’ Way of Investing on Gold

Online tasks are outpouring again and I was glad I stayed working after midnight because an hour or two after that shower of blessings came. I felt so blessed that right after I received a good amount of payment from them I was also given plenty of tasks again. It’s so good to receive payments for your hard work, it felt good inside to work hard for your money. Sleepless nights seem nothing at all when you finally have your payment for your work. My friends and I were talking about investing on some business or gold coins if our works continues to be like this because it spells big savings.

Hope we’ll be able to invest on tangible things also like that coins and other precious metals. Granny told me about the old folks storing gold in their secret cases which they preserve as a kind of investment for their kids’ future. That gold really got high appreciation over the years and some of the folks’ clan she mentioned is now living comfortably in our province. Could it be that they finally sold their ancestors’ gold now?


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