Friday, August 20, 2010

Electric Motors

I’m not very familiar with industrial products and learned some of them only when my previous company ventured on distributorship on power saving device that caters mainly to Electric motors and some other industrial equipment. The company is a pioneering one and it aims to help industries to save consumption of electricity by installing power saving device to industrial equipment that consumes high electricity. I’m not part of the company but I always hear it discussed on my meetings with the boss and the managers. Now I found Freemont Fremont Industrial Supply, Inc. a leading provider of hydraulic rams, Compressed air dryer, electric motors and pneumatic valves. 

They’ve been with the business for some years and in all those years they deliver their services with quality, affordability and good service coupled with assisting customers with the system design and component selection of power transmission and fluid power products. Now that I’ve found this I might be able to help my cousin to do his purchasing report for his client who needed this equipment immediately. I have to learn these products to help him and I guess visiting the site helped me deal with my assignment. I’ve found what he’s looking for and come up with specifications of Worldwide Electric 1 1/2 HP three phase 56 NEMA frame electric motor and looked for the Hydraulic rams combo set which has the capacity of BVA Hydraulics 10,000 psi working pressure. That’s all I can get for him and the rest is up to him. It’s good visiting sites like this as you’ll have full info and specifications of your desired industrial equipment.


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