Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love for Music Runs in the Blood

My kids are getting fond of sports and music. As they grow older I can see their preferences on the type of sports and music they want. Anyway it runs in the family as my grandfather plays harp when he was still alive and my Mom’s brother was a member of the town’s music band in the old days. They say love and talent for music can be inherited and I know this is true because my brother learned to play different musical instruments through self-study only. Now all his kids except for the little one graduated from piano lessons and can play the instrument very well. The best is his eldest who heads the young musicians in the church and knows all musical instruments used there.

Of course my Mom was happy about it and she’s asking me to enroll my kids in piano lessons next summer vacation. Well I should save for it as it’s kinda expensive too. My girls Ruth and Gen expressed their desires to study Electric Keyboards which I’m happy about because they can play in our own church if they’ll be good in it. I promised that we’ll allocate budget for their schooling and will save for the purchase of a good quality keyboards or piano. Our little boy won’t be left behind when he hears us planning things for her elder sisters because he already has chosen a drum set  for himself as if I can buy that immediately upon his request. Well he really loves what he saw on the site and bookmarked it.

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