Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Benefits of Collecting Gold Coins

I’m fond of collecting old coins and this hobby of mine started when I  was still a kid. My Mom started the collection for me by giving me her old coins from several years back and I was amazed to see the early dates of the coins. Since then I added all coins that the government deemed not for use in buying. And now I have plenty of coins in various denominations, forms and dates. Several years ago we were surprised by our officemate who asked us if we have an old coin dated in the 70’s and I was excited to find one in my collection. She said that someone will buy it for a 5-digit price amount but when my coin was ready for the selling they told me that they don’t need the coin anymore. I was not sad on that moment because it’s also hard for me to part with any of my most precious coin collection and was only tempted because the amount was over the selling price of old coins. Well my coins are really meant for collection and not for selling, for now I think. 

This incident has awakened my mind that coin collection is not only a hobby but an investment also because I know that after several years my coins would price a higher value. It can be my fall back when things get rough so I’m keeping it then. But for those who want to reap the rewards of high value appreciation for their collections they can sell gold coins to and in doing so you’re helping the planet because the company is an eco-friendly site that buy old coins and refine it for other usage purposes. By recycling and refining gold we can reduce the risk of environmental hazard while earning the most cash out of your collections. They pay the higher rate for your coins, jewelleries and others.


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