Monday, August 30, 2010

Inseparable Again

I'm still elated from our meet up last Tuesday which took us until before midnight. I brought hubby around because our meeting place was so far from our house and I've predicted that hours will not be enough for me and my college friends. Food was great but for the first time I didn't indulged much because I was more hungry for updates on my college friends' life. These are the friends that I've been with the whole of my 5 years studies in PUP and we've seen life's ups and downs. We're inseparable for straight 5 years.

Our jobs separated us though but for seven years after that we're still in communication until the day came that we're too busy with our jobs, and career, with getting married, with starting a family, with raising our kids and so many things. Now that we've met again after several years we promised to stay in touch and give ourselves some time to meet again because we're not complete  last Tuesday.  We've only reunited lately through social network and I thank FB for this.  I'm missing them again now!

More detailed post on my main blog soon...


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