Monday, August 30, 2010

Jarrow and Other Health Vitamins

I met up with my college friends last Tuesday and one of my friend’s daughter got sick after being here in the country for about two weeks. They came from Canada where they choose to live and work for good. Len find it so hard to get a private room for single patient because most of the hospitals have a great number of patients. They’re actually calling this season a bad health month because everyone seem so weak and sick. I’m lucky that my three kids are fine now after last month’s usual coughs and colds. They’re already schooling and they need vitamins to have resistance on getting sickness from environment and classmates. It’s hard to be sick and when my kids are sick I felt sick too. 

I bought my kids ascorbic acid which is a good vitamins to fight the usual sickness common on kids. They also have multivitamins for overall health maintenance and supplement. It’s important to support our kids’ health with the necessary vitamins because it will serve as their anti-sickness protection. DH and I need to have our vitamins also and when I did my usual surfing and research I found out that Supervits, a vitamin super store is a good source to buy quality health products like BioAstin. They carry almost all brand products like jarrow formulas, biomed, cellpower, nutrex, enzymedica and others. They have over 10,000 varieties and it consist of vitamins, supplements and other health products very much needed by our bodies to start a healthy lifestyle.


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