Saturday, August 28, 2010

What Household Chore Are You?

You Are Washing Dishes

You are a dreamy, thoughtful, and slow paced person. You enjoy getting lost in a mindless chore.
You can take on any task as long as you're able to mentally check out while doing it. In fact, you enjoy any excuse to let your mind drift a little.

You are the consummate multi-tasker, and you actually perform better when you're given multiple tasks.
In your opinion, focus is extremely overrated. Why have one ball going in the air when you can have six?

Most of what written are true except that I'm a slow paced person because I'm the opposite.  I'm a fast worker in almost everything I do but I'm dreamy, thoughtful and always thinking of ideas to write on my blog.  I'm a fast thinker too as when I see something interesting I get my pen and write about it. I'm used to multi-tasking work because my previous job demanded that kind of work.  I was head of accounting, human resource officer, billing and collection officer, administrative officer and international carrier settlements for our local and international clients and providers.  See all that designations on me? It's actually just fine except that a lot of pressures are attached so after 16 years I decided to leave the company. 


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