Friday, August 27, 2010

Customized Closets for your Homes

We’re having a general cleaning in the house today because there are no classes and we’ll be having a long weekend as Monday will be a national holiday. The daughters are cleaning their room and making an inventory of their clothes, bags and toys. I told them to segregate those that they can give to small girls in our church so they’re having separate bags for the things that they will give to others. I hate keeping up things that will be useful to others. My daughters have many clothes and shoes because my SIL in G.B. always bring packages of clothes and shoes for them yearly. In return I always check those things that are too small for them and give them to my friends’ daughters so it will be useful.

My girls are growing up so fast that even if we gave out several of their things to others they still have many things in their closets like shoes, bags, purse, clothes and many accessories. Girls are really like that they want all their accessories kept in their closets that make them run out of storage space for their clothes. I really want to add some cabinets but I already have a gallery of those. Now I want to organize things and buy customized closets instead of the ready-made ones. I want something made according to my needs like that of custom closets Richmond  which will make things organized for you because they will customize closet design according to your specifications and requirements. I really want to organize our wardrobe especially now that kids have plenty of things to store. I also want to organize storage space for the whole house in my office and in the kitchen area which always seems to clutter. When I’m working in my home office I want to see my environment neat, clean and in order. It makes a pleasant working environment.


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