Monday, June 21, 2010

Cash for Your Gold Collections

Do you collect old gold coins or old jewellery? Well sometimes we collect things we fancy or love like me who collects old silver and gold d. My hobby started when I was a teens and when my Mom start showing me her old coins from the sixties and seventies. I was quite impressed that she had kept them for several years and I started to collect for myself. I started with the large one-peso coin in the 80’s when it was abolished and every coin replaced by the government’s new coins. Now I learned that my coins have appreciated its value but still I want them for my keepsake only.

But if you’re not as sentimental as I am and interested in making cash for gold you can visit because they will buy your gold coins at the best possible price. You’ll be able to help the planet also when you sell them your gold coins or jewellery because is an eco-friendly company that refines gold coins which reduces environmental hazard.


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