Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kids Easily Forgets Pain

When we celebrate Mom’s birthday on the resort by the lake two of my kids who spent swimming since morning got sore feet. I learned that they walked barefooted on the hot pebble tiles even if I told them to wear their slippers every time they go out of the pool. I’m just glad that it’s only sore feet and not that painful as eczema which I’m dreading to happen to any of my kids because I’ve seen how a relative of ours suffered from the disease for more than 2 years.

Well lessons learned for Josh and Ruth as I told them if they had followed my advice they would not hurt their feet. It's just lucky that I bought my favorite ointment for skin. I asked them if they will still go with us and swim when we come back to the resort and they immediately answered yes. Kids are really funny, they easily forgets the pain just like air passing through our skin.


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