Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vacation Extended

It will be few days remaining before the opening of classes and we’re making the most of the kids’ vacation by spending this weekend here in hubby’s family house in Montalban. I’m having a great view of the mountains while I’m blogging beside the windows. I was surprised that we’re still here; DH asked me if it’s ok with me if we stay another night since we’ll never know when we’ll be able to visit again. School classes tend to be so busy most of the times and we’ll have to plan every visit we’ll have according to the kids’ school activities.

We still have to make one final shopping for their things. I want to shop for the little essentials such as hankies, lunch box, rain protection and maybe some urban clothes. We actually planned to do it this weekend but DH opted to stay another night. So here I am blogging until I feel sleepy. I’m not used to doing nothing and after lunch we’re just relaxing and chatting in the garden. I’m just sneaking some minutes to check emails and post short tasks so I’ll be early for my due days. It feels great to do assignments ahead of time. I felt very organized and disciplined this way. Besides I’ll still do some tweaking on my new blog, my new baby!


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