Saturday, March 5, 2011

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I remember a commercial way back when I was still studying and my Dad was alive. It goes something as ‘take good care of your heart’ where they stressed out the benefit of having precautionary measures on getting yourself out of the danger of getting hypertension diseases. My father had a stroke then and it all started when his blood pressure shoot up. He has no prevailing sickness connected to heart but he has one case of high blood pressure. I learned that it originated from the stress in his work. He’s a workaholic and he never stops until he gets everything done more like me now. They said that I took after him not only in looks but in some character and traits also. I was called a junior when I was a kid even though I’m a girl because we’re very similar in many ways. 

When he had a mild stroke and his doctor asked us to watch for his blood pressure we learned several things about how we should take care of his health as we didn’t want him to die early. He has lived up to 16 years more because we really cared for him as if he’s the baby in the family. That’s when we learned that the high blood pressure causes the increase of risk for heart attack and stroke. It’s curable but when you don’t heed doctor’s advice and tips it can lead to death.
Learning these things is easier now with Healthline which provides tips and information about better health. It discusses the common cause of high blood pressure which is the primary hypertension and secondary hypertension. The first one has the most cases of 90 to 95 percent which genes and lifestyle are the main causes for this. Secondary hypertension is the result of some effects of drugs or other health conditions but it comprises only 5 to 10% cases. It’s good learning these facts as we may prevent it by change of lifestyle and eating habits. I also read about healthy eating, managing stress and diet reviews.


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