Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Checking Through Gadgets’ Updates

Just resting for a while now after a morning of completing some tasks online and offline. But instead of resting or sleeping I did some browsing through the latest tech gadgets in town including some  iphone updates. I always do it because I really love looking at the latest gadgets although most I can’t afford to buy.  

It’s such a lazy afternoon and I wish that my little boy will arrive soon so I can hear his never ending questions and inquiries. I know when he grows older he’ll have some questions like how to add music to tumblr or anything that I usually see on twitQA. I found this site when my friend who is a loyal user of blackberry asked me yesterday about the  formspring for blackberry. I checked with the site if someone has asked the same question also and I found the answer there. Nice one!


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