Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Contact Keypad Alarm System

Times are getting dangerous and as I'm browsing techy gadgets I came to see this very affordable contact keypad alarm system from cdrking, the store I frequent for my computer and camera accessories.  I always have need for cds, memury card, flash drives, etc. and it's the most accessible and convenient store for shopping those things.  Anyway I really want to add this one to our house because Mom is beginning to fear intruders including people who delivered letters, billing and others.  Sometimes he doesn't want to entertain them or she'll talk but for less than a minute only, maybe old people are really like that.

Anyway this one can be easily mounted by adhesive tape to your cabinet, window or door. and has the following features:

With Panic Alarm button
Magnetic sensor switch
Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)
With Secret Number Password
Present Password: 0000 (for secret number)

The magnetic sensor can easily detect when someone is opening a window, cabinet and door.  When the sensor detects the opening it will give out a signal to the main unit which will then gives out alarm sound.   Quite simple but very effective and helpful and I'm going to try and buy one for us.  It only cost PhP120.00.  Good buy!


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